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    What is Evolution?

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    Evolution is the process by which different kinds of living organisms are thought to have developed and diversified from earlier forms (Primate to Human) during the history of the earth. This is the definition you can Google or see on many websites and it is accurate description when talking about lifeforms (animals,insects and Human-beings) but in the world of Evolution, there are five concepts that most Evolutionists lump together under one umbrella. Here are the Five Concepts.

    1. Cosmic Evolution – Their Cosmology or how the Universe came into being.

    2. Stellar Evolution – How Stars and Galaxies Formed

    3. Earth’s Evolution – How the Sun and the planets formed in our solar system.

    4. Macroevolution – The postulate that says all life formed from earlier organized non-life and through some form of mutation, natural selection, and enormous amounts of time.

    5. Microevolution – The limited variation that takes place in a species or families complex gene pool or genome.

    Of These 5 Concepts, Microevolution is the most important because Evolutionists see Microevolution as the cornerstone of their theory. Evolutionary Scientists believe billions of Microevolution Mutations in the genome, creating new alleles, and natural selection preserving those changes that is the process of evolution. Layman's Term: They Believe a Mistake in the Copying of DNA (Reproduction) creates new genes and these new genes are preserved by a process known as Natural Selection..at the appropriate time a Primate becomes a Human-Being. As a Creationist, I do believe Microevolution occurs in this manner. Microevolution is the limited variation that can be expressed by the genome of a species of plants or animals. In other words via sexual reproduction, existing variant genes are mixed...Example: Family members ask the following question, Why does the child have blonde hair when his parents and grandparents have black hair? The answer is simple, somewhere in a particular family's gene pool a relative had blonde hair and the variant gene that causes blonde hair was simply passed down over the centuries through sexual reproduction.

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