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    Important Scientific Terms and Defintions



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    Important Scientific Terms and Defintions

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    When Studying the Falsehood of Evolution, one must know several scientific/genetic definitions. These seven definitions listed below will reoccur throughout this forum.

    1. Genome – the total genetic structure of a species or kind or its gene pool.
    2. Mutation – a mistake in the copying of the DNA; can be caused by radiation, or chemicals.
    3. Recombination – the genetic mixing in sexual or asexual reproduction
    4. Gene – the stuff of life, the sequence of amino acids in the double helix of DNA
    5. Allele – variants of genes in the Genome that are for the same structure but that express a characteristic differently, such as brown eyes vs. blue eyes.
    6. Taxon – Category in classification such as species, phylum.
    7. Phylogeny – The (supposed) evolutionary history or family tree of a species or other group.
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