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    Creationism or Evolution....Which One is True?



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    Creationism or Evolution....Which One is True?

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    I am a Creationist which basically means, I believe the Universe and all living things were created by an intelligent designer. As a Christian, the intelligent designer has a a name (GOD). In today's modern world, this belief is considered by millions to be outdated and scientifically untrue. The people who oppose my belief are known as Evolutionists who embrace the ideology that the Universe (Solar Systems, Planets,etc.) and First Life spontaneously occurred from nothing and from there all other lifeforms evolved from those first lifeforms...(Primates Became Human-Beings and So Forth). Which one is True? Did GOD create Everything or Did Everything Evolve from Nothing? As I said above, I believe GOD created all things but this vague answer would be frowned upon as unscientific gibberish; therefore I am diving into the world of Science and Evolution to show factually why and how Evolution is a Chaotic Incorrectness.
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